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Arc is the end of passive video.

The beginning of interactive, smart, easy, collaborative video. It’s a video learning platform that turns content into conversation, connection, and collaboration.


The comments section is dead! Long live collaboration!

Arc is the brainchild of Instructure—creators of the fastest‑growing, industry-pushing LMS (Canvas) and the intuitive, mobile LMS platform for businesses (Bridge). We wondered why learning technology was evolving so quickly, but video still felt one-way, archaic, and just a step beyond slideshows and out-of-focus overhead projectors. So we created Arc to make online learning with video smarter, easier, and way more interactive.

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As mentioned above, Arc is developed and supported by Instructure, the company that makes software that makes people smarter. To meet some of the people behind the smartification, visit Instructure’s website. To meet some of the people spearheading the dumbification, visit The Darwin Awards or any number of fraternity houses on a weekend.

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Learn more about how Arc unmutes learning today.